Recycling Programs

In today's day and age every company has a responsibility to do the best they can to be friendly to the environment. The automotive aftermarket is a tough industry because you're dealing with petroleum based fluids, chemicals, metals, cardboard, and other inflexible products. Bond Auto Parts takes this challenge seriously. We do everything we can to be environmentally responsible. The information below covers some of our company adopted programs. If everyone does their part, it will make a difference! Bond Goes Green Logo.jpg
We Recycle Fluids

We realize that many of our customers take the time to do their own maintenance on their vehicles. So, once you've done that oil change or transmission flush, what do you do with the old fluids? Bring them down to your local Bond Auto Parts store and we'll recycle them for you free of charge. Stop in to learn more about which petroleum based fluids are accepted.

We Recycle Batteries!

When it's time for that new car battery, come to Bond Auto Parts with your old one. Not only can you purchase a new, fully charged, industry leading battery, but we'll recycle your old one and pay you to do it! We get our vehicle batteries from EAST PENN - DEKA, the world's largest and most modern independent battery manufacturer. East Penn has an EPA permitted lead smelter, refinery and recycling center where they recycle virtually 100% of every used lead-acid battery returned to them. They are on the cutting edge with their industry leading acid reclamation process. For more information click on the link below.

east Penn.jpg

We Recycle Cardboard!

In this business, we go through a ton of cardboard... literally! Most store locations are equipped with a cardboard dumpster or if they don't have one they send their cardboard back to the warehouse where we recycle it there. At our warehouse we have a cardboard smashing machine that makes them into nice, tight bundles which we in turn send off for recycling - Doing Our Part.

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