Rewards Club


Our Rewards Club is set up to be very simple, but most importantly it's FREE! The more you spend, the more you save. Once you've earned your reward, we'll send you your Rewards Certificate in the mail.

Here's How It Works!

- Membership is FREE

- Earn one point for every $1 of merchandise you purchase.

- Receive a $10 Rewards Certificate every time you accumulate 300 points.

By being in the Rewards Club, you'll be saving money on purchases at every Bond Auto Parts store. Also, we'll occasionally send you email notices to inform you of sales, new product line launches, Bond Auto Parts events, and coupons, among other things.

How do you keep track of how many Rewards Points you have? It's simple, they will print out on the bottom of your invoice. You can also check your Reward Point balance by logging into your account here on line. Click the Login tab to the left and get started right away.

Fine Print: Bond Auto Parts will not share or sell email addresses or any personal information you provide to us. We will make every effort to protect your information as we feel it's an honor to have you as a customer and part of our Rewards Club. By submitting your information you understand and agree that we will email you once per month on average with Bond Auto news, info and coupons intended to help you "fix it" yourself.

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